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QuickBooks streamlines my business finances, tracking income and expenses efficiently, aiding in informed decision-making and simplifying tax preparation.

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Tailwind is key for managing my Pinterest presence. It automates pin scheduling and provides analytics, helping me maintain consistency and understand audience preferences.



I built my website with Showit. Its no-code, drag-and-drop interface allowed me to easily create and update a professional, unique website representing my brand.

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Canva Pro

Flodesk helps me create and schedule beautiful, engaging emails. Its easy-to-use design tools and automation features save time and enhance my email marketing.

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Canva Pro is essential for designing appealing graphics for my blog. It's user-friendly and offers an extensive range of templates and design elements.



I use G Suite for a professional-looking email address tied to my blog's domain, making email management efficient and enhancing my brand's credibility.

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As a single mom, blogger and YouTuber, finding the right tools to manage my businesses efficiently and effectively is crucial. Balancing content creation with motherhood means I need tools that are not only powerful but also easy to use. In this section, I'm excited to share with you the essential business tools that have become integral to running my business.

From creating visually stunning content to managing emails and finances, these tools help streamline my workflow, allowing me to focus more on content creation and less on administrative tasks. Whether you're a fellow blogger or a busy mom looking to start your own venture, these tools might just be the game-changers you need.

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