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Hi, I'm a Kenyan-born, Colorado-based single mom to twins Hodari and Milambu. I turned the challenges of single motherhood into a thriving YouTube community and blog. Here, I offer support and practical advice on parenting, lifestyle, and more. Let's navigate life's complexities together!


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Dear single mom,

I know the weight you carry on your shoulders.

I know the weariness that settles deep into your bones, draining the color from your weary eyes.

I know the countless nights you’ve spent staring at the ceiling, tears silently streaming down your cheeks, as the world around you feels like a battleground of disappointment and discouragement.

I have walked the same path, felt the same heavy burden, and battled the same doubts and fears.

In the quiet of the night, when the world is asleep, you find yourself alone with your thoughts. The tears flow freely, glistening like stars in the darkness. It feels like you’re fighting a battle on all fronts, and the disappointment and discouragement are relentless foes.

I’ve been right where you are, feeling like life is just an endless cycle of disappointment. It’s as if you’re stuck in a never-ending maze, unable to find the way out. You look around, and it seems like everyone else is living a picture-perfect life while you struggle to keep it all together.

The doubts and fears creep in like shadows in the night. “Will things ever get better? Am I strong enough to handle all of this? Will I ever find happiness?” You ask yourself these questions, and the answers seem elusive, just out of reach.

But here’s the beautiful truth that I discovered on my own journey: There is refuge, there is solace, and there is hope.

In the midst of the storm, when it feels like your strength is waning, there is a God who loves you unconditionally, who sees your pain, and knows the desires of your heart.

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The Bible, my dear friend, is not just a collection of ancient words. It is a living, breathing testament to the power of God’s love and redemption. It holds the stories of women who faced impossible circumstances and found solace in their faith. It is a roadmap that leads to healing, restoration, and a renewed sense of purpose.

One of my favorite stories is that of Ruth.

She endured loss and hardship, but she didn’t give up. Instead, she found unexpected blessings and a new beginning. It reminded me that even in the darkest of times, there can be a glimmer of hope, a flicker of light waiting to illuminate our path.

When I opened my heart to God in prayer, it was like pouring out my soul to a trusted friend. He listened to my cries, my fears, and my dreams.

And as I surrendered my burdens to Him, I felt a sense of peace wash over me. It was like being wrapped in a warm embrace, knowing that I was not alone and that God had a plan for my life, even in the midst of the chaos.

I won’t pretend that the challenges have magically disappeared, or that life is suddenly a fairytale. But with God’s love and guidance, I have found the strength to keep going. I discovered a resilience within myself that I didn’t know existed.

The battles haven’t stopped, but my perspective has changed. I am learning to face them with courage, knowing that God is walking beside me every step of the way.

So, my dear single moms, when the world seems too heavy to bear; when disappointment threatens to drown you, turn to God. Let Him be your refuge, your strength, and your guide. Pour out your heart to Him in prayer, for He listens and cares deeply for you.

I won’t promise you that every road will be easy or that every battle will be won effortlessly. But I can promise you that with God by your side, you will never be alone. He will be your constant companion, your source of strength when you feel weak, and your anchor when the storms rage.

So, dear single mom, cling to the hope that is found in the pages of the Bible. Let God’s love wash over you, renewing your spirit and giving you the strength to keep moving forward. You are not alone, and there is a brighter future waiting just beyond the horizon.

With love and encouragement,

A fellow single mom who found refuge in God

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Embracing Hope: A Letter to the Burdened Single Mom

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Aug 6, 2023

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