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Hi, I'm a Kenyan-born, Colorado-based single mom to twins Hodari and Milambu. I turned the challenges of single motherhood into a thriving YouTube community and blog. Here, I offer support and practical advice on parenting, lifestyle, and more. Let's navigate life's complexities together!


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I am in the process of organizing and decorating my home and I have been looking for different coffee table books that would make my space look and feel homier. You can use coffee table books as decor or conversation starters so they are good to have around.

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One thing I didn’t want to do was to spend too much money on books that would just sit at my table as a decoration. So I have been looking around for inexpensive coffee table books and I found some that I really love from Amazon.

So today I am sharing some Amazon coffee table books that are nice to have around your home and won’t break the bank.

Minimalista: Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Better

Home, Wardrobe, and Life

coffee table books

Feels Like Home: Relaxed Interiors for a Meaningful Life

Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave

Down to Earth: Laid-back Interiors for Modern Living

Live Beautiful

Beautifully Organized: A Guide to Function and Style in Your Home

Elements of Style: Designing a Home & a Life

The Home Edit Life: The No-Guilt Guide to Owning What You Want and Organizing Everything

Made for Living: Collected Interiors for All Sorts of Styles

The Best Amazon Coffee Table Books Under $35

Apr 27, 2022

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