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Life as a busy mom is a whirlwind of activity, from school drop-offs and pick-ups to work deadlines and grocery shopping. Amidst all of these responsibilities, finding time for yourself and your hobbies can seem like a daunting task. The days can slip by in a blur, leaving you feeling drained and unfulfilled. But imagine for a moment a different kind of day, one where you wake up feeling energized and excited to take on the world.

You wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of birds singing outside your window. You take a deep breath and feel the sun’s warmth on your face. You stretch your arms and legs, feeling the tension and stress of the week melt away. Today, you have planned some time for yourself, time to do something that brings you joy and fulfillment. You have made a conscious decision to prioritize your own self-care, knowing that this will benefit both you and your family.

In this blog post, we will explore practical tips on how to make time for your hobbies as a busy mom. We will show you that it is possible to carve out space in your day for the things that matter to you, even amidst the chaos of daily life. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can find time to pursue your passions and bring more joy and fulfillment into your life. So, take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s explore how to make time for your hobbies as a busy mom.


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Why Busy Moms Need to Make Time for Hobbies

It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that our responsibilities as moms are all-consuming and leave no time for anything else. However, taking time for hobbies is crucial for our mental and emotional well-being. Pursuing activities that bring us joy and fulfillment can actually make us better moms in the long run, as we come back to our families feeling recharged and refreshed.

Here are some of the benefits of making time for hobbies as a busy mom:

  • Reducing stress: Hobbies can help us relax and unwind, reducing stress levels and increasing our overall sense of well-being.
  • Boosting creativity: Engaging in creative activities can help us tap into our inner creativity, which can benefit us in all areas of our lives.
  • Setting a positive example for our children: When our kids see us pursuing our passions and taking care of ourselves, they learn that self-care is important and that it’s okay to prioritize our own needs.
  • Increasing happiness: Pursuing activities that bring us joy can increase our overall happiness levels and improve our mood.

Tips for Making Time for Hobbies as a Busy Mom

Schedule it in

One of the most effective ways to make time for your hobbies is to schedule it in. Just as you would schedule a doctor’s appointment or a parent-teacher conference, make time for yourself and your interests. Look at your weekly schedule and find a time slot that works for you, whether it’s early in the morning, during nap time, or after the kids go to bed. Write it down on your calendar or planner, and make a commitment to stick to it.

Prioritize your hobbies

It’s easy to get caught up in the demands of daily life and put your hobbies on the back burner. However, it’s essential to prioritize your interests and make them a priority. Remember that taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your children. Whether it’s reading, painting, or exercising, make time for the activities that make you happy and fulfilled.

Get creative

As a busy mom, you may not have hours to dedicate to your hobbies each day. However, getting creative with your time can help you fit in the activities you love. For example, if you enjoy reading, listen to audiobooks while driving or doing household chores. If you love to exercise, take the kids for a walk or jog in the stroller. Find ways to incorporate your hobbies into your daily routine.

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Enlist help

As a single mom, you may not have a partner to help with childcare. However, you can still enlist help from friends or family members. Ask a trusted friend or family member to watch the kids for an hour or two while you indulge in your hobbies. Alternatively, consider hiring a babysitter for a few hours each week to give yourself some much-needed time for self-care.

Involve your kids

Depending on your hobbies, you may be able to involve your kids in the activities. For example, if you enjoy baking, invite your children to help you in the kitchen. If you love to paint, set up a mini art studio for your kids to create alongside you. Not only will this allow you to spend quality time with your children, but it will also introduce them to your interests and passions.

Make it a family affair

Another way to make time for your hobbies as a busy mom is to make it a family affair. Find hobbies that you and your children can enjoy together, such as hiking, biking, or swimming. Not only will this allow you to spend time with your kids, but it will also give you an opportunity to indulge in your interests.

Be flexible

Life as a single mom can be unpredictable, and plans can change at a moment’s notice. Be flexible with your hobby time and don’t beat yourself up if you miss a session or two. Remember that self-care is a journey, not a destination, and it’s okay to take things one day at a time.

Final Thoughts

As a busy mom, it’s easy to feel like there’s no time for hobbies. But making time for activities that bring us joy and fulfillment is crucial for our mental and emotional well-being, and can actually make us better moms in the long run. By prioritizing self-care and getting creative with our schedules, we can find time to pursue our passions and reap the many benefits that come with it. Remember to start small, set achievable goals, involve your children when possible, and embrace flexibility. With a little bit of planning and dedication, you can make time for your hobbies and bring more happiness and fulfillment into your life.

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Busy Mom’s Guide: How to Make Time for Your Hobbies


May 4, 2023

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